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To order Dr. Cinque's HGH 6000, you can do so by phone or email.

                            Hacking into the online store became a relentless problem, so I shut it down.

                            Prices: $69 (1) $66 per (2) $63 per (3) $61 per (4) $59 per (6) $56 per (12)  

                             For USPS Priority Mail shipping, there is a flat rate of $10 for domestic shipping, regardless of quantity.

                              International shipping rates vary but average $30 to Canada and $40 overseas.

                              To order by phone, please call: (512) 295-4256

                               To order by email, please write: doctorcinque@hotmail.com


                                              Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.                                 


                                                                Dr. Ralph Cinque, retired chiropractor